Billoah Greene as Jake Jackson
National Enterprise
Jake Jackson meets Candy Apple
Jake's first encounter
DART scene

Jake's convenience store encounter
Security Detail
Jake's frustration
The DART boys
Jake's troubles are just getting started.
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"The Minority is an ambitious and courageous social commentary that questions the current state of race relations in the early 21st century. Passionately produced with strong camera work and a real New York film, this film dares to ask the question that many are afraid to answer"
  -Ben Lyons, 'The Daily Ten' on E! 
Comedy is hard,  as they say,  but satire is even harder.  Controversial auteur Buckle takes aim at the perils of assimilation in this blunt-edged blend of Candide and TAXI DRIVER. Clueless buppie Jake Jackson (a heroic performance by Billoah Greene) just wants to fit in.  He acts white, talks white, and thinks white-until one day his white workmates accuse him of theft, and he discovers he's not like them after all.
- Gene Siskel Film Center, Black Harvest International Film Festival
At the dawn of the 21st century, is it safe to say race relations are improved? Jake Jackson finds the climate cloudy when he is assaulted with prejudice while simply trying to live a responsible life. The suffocating bigotry weighs so heavily on his heart he fears he might be losing his mind, until an encounter with a mass murderer changes everything.  Sharp comedy co-stars Carson Grant, Ava Mateova
-Turner Classic Movies
Writer-director Dwayne Buckle helms this satirical look at racism through the eyes of Jake Jackson (Billoah Greene), a happy-go-lucky African American who suddenly finds his eyes opened to the prejudice directed toward him.
-CD Universe
An honest, hardworking man discovers the hardships of being stereotyped as a Black man in America after losing his cushy office job and suddenly being bombarded with racial biases.  Jake Jackson (Billoah Greene) is one of the nicest, most decent people you'd ever hope to meet; he works hard at his job,  leads a clean lifestyle,  and just wants to lead a carefree life.  But being comfortable in your own skin isn't always easy when it's a darker shade of brown,  and after being inexpiicably fired,  Jake begins to experience the frustration of being a minority in a racist society.  As Jake sets out in search of a new job,  his eyes are suddenly opened to bigotry all around.  Jake has worked hard to get where he is today,  and all he asks in return is justice and respect.  When those things elude him,  jake begins a dark slide down the path to insanity.  Only when Jake manages to capture a wanted serial killer does his luck change,  but by then he has already grown bitter after seeing the true colors of the people he once trusted.
-Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide 
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